Invite Zack and Nick to your School!

Authors, book nerds, and best friends — we are touring the country with the positive and empowering message that anyone can be a writer, that your geeky passions can be the key to greatness . . . and that everything is more fun when you do it with a friend.

Invite us to your elementary or middle school so we can inspire your kids!

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Our standard presentation runs about 30 minutes long and is followed by a Q&A session of variable length.

We first talk about our books; about the ins and outs of writing with a friend; and about fundamentals of storytelling, using The Adventurers Guild to explain how we create settings, characters, and conflicts.

We then ask students for their help creating a new character. It’s an exercise in collaborative creativity, and we’re often amazed with what the students come up with.

The presentation can be shortened or lengthened to suit your school’s needs, and it’s suitable for anything from a small classroom to a full auditorium. While The Adventurers Guild is perfect for grades 4 through 7, we have experience talking to older and younger students, and we can tailor our presentation appropriately.

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We’re happy to sign books and meet with students before or after the presentation. Every book we sign is adorned with an exclusive Adventurers Guild stamp that you can only get when meeting us in person!



Have an after-school gaming club? We’d love to drop in as guest game masters! Gaming is how we got our start as storytellers, and it can serve the same inspiration for your students.



Thanks to the marvels of Skype, Facetime, and Google Hangouts, we’re able to visit your classroom even if an in-person visit isn’t possible. This option also allows your students a peek at one of our writerly workspaces.